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Long Distance Selfie by Pixel--Chick
Long Distance Selfie
I have a wonderful friend I met online some time last year. While he has become a huge part of my life there a simple things I wish we could do together. I want to know what he smells like. I want to know how he walks. I'd love to be able to take a selfie of us. So this digital painting was inspired by that urge. Long distance selfie
I spend a large amount of my time browsing art sites.  As a keen amateur digital artist myself I spend many a happy hour in front of my computer, cup of tea in hand, enviously perusing the works of those people I would love to one day emulate.  Yet I have, of late, noticed a rather worrying trend that seems to be (in my opinion) exclusive to deviantart. 

I am talking of course, about the explosive volume of nude images, depicting lady's thrusting their vagina's towards the camera as though they are hoping to swallow the viewer hole!  Now don't get me wrong, I love a good nude shot and I am not adverse to a quality of risque or challenge within such work.  I understand how subtle lighting, composition, expression and pose can all marry together to create a piece that pulls the viewer up short.  that slaps them in the face with aggressive female sexuality and challenges perceptions of what it is to be "feminine".  I understand such work. No.. I ENJOY it.  But this is not the work I am speaking off.

I speak, instead, of the rising trend of photography that seems to follow the simple formula.  Naked girl, legs spread, vagina front and center = winning shot.  Indeed, several images I have seen, have been focused so much on glorifying a models downstairs region that her face is left completely out of the picture. In fact, I saw an image recently, where the model was distorted into such an angle that face, arms, legs and torso were all but lost.  And this pink, cavernous maw was thrust towards the viewer in such a manner that left me worried it may leep of the screen and attack. Attaching its self to my face like some kind of overly waxed facehugger. 

I scroll through my artwork alerts, assaulted by image after image and after image after image. Over my morning cup of tea I now seem to peruse so much pussy I find myself wondering weather I accidentally signed into pornhub by mistake. I find artists that I have admired and even aspired towards flooding their portfolios with nothing but muff to such a volume, such excessive levels that I wonder weather they have just discovered it.  The artist taking on the role of 14 year old boy, and we the viewer, find ourselves back in the playground as he proudly and juvinily attempts to shock us with what he had just discovered.  (And before you all become upset with my gender usage there I personally have yet to find a female photographer that does this, although I'm willing to be proved wrong) 

What has happened to deviantart?  Why is it that other art sites seem to be able to avoid this trend yet here I wonder sometimes weather I am an art lover or an amateur gynecologist?  I long for the day when photographers regarded women as inspiration and figures of beauty, not just the sum of their parts. 


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United Kingdom
Single mother, just starting my first year of an FDA in Games Design.

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